5 Best Fruits That Act Like Natural Laxatives


The first thing we have in mind when it comes to medications is to be effective but also safe for our body. Today I’m gonna tell you about some natural laxatives that are generally considered both safe and effective in treating constipation.

So let’s see what are the best fruits that act like natural laxatives, which can help relieve common symptoms of constipation without side effects. Which ones really possess a natural laxative effect?

  1. Apples and apple juice – they have pectin which stimulates bowel movements so don’t avoid them if you have constipation.
  2. Prunes and prune juice – Many people choose to eat prunes or drink prune juice as a natural laxative.
  3. Citrus Fruits – I am talking about lemon or orange. These are rich in vitamin C and fiber and have great detoxification power, which helps people getting rid of toxins.
  4. Melons – are good especially if you are not drinking enough water. Melons contain also high quantities of nutrients and minerals.
  5. Pears and pear juice – enjoy a delicious juice and solve your constipation naturally. Isn’t it fantastic? Pears possess fibers and a natural sugar – fructose and these two help you with the bowel movement.

For instance, drink a glass of prune juice first thing in the morning and after an hour drink a glass of apple juice and you will see the benefits in treating even the chronic constipation.

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