5 Miths and Facts about Chronic Constipation


As the internet is full of news about chronic constipation or bowel movement, let’s see what’s real and what are simple miths about digestion.

Mith: You should have a bowel movement every day

Fact: Constipation is considered a modern disease as a result of civilization, but as long as your bowel is not painful, you are not constipated. Even if you are not going to the bathroom every single day it doesn’t mean you are suffering of constipation, as some people go three times a day and others, three times a week.

Mith: Vacations can’t cause constipation
Fact: Travel can change your diet, as you would want to try some local food, for instance. So this way your holiday can “help” constipation. What I would do is eating more fruits and vegetables.

Mith: Ignoring the urge of bowel movement won’t hurt
Fact: The thruth is it does actually. Some people delay having a bowel movement because they are busy or simply don’t like using public toilets. This is a habbit that can turn into serious constipation.

Mith: Old persons are usualy constipated
Fact: Elderly people do have a greater tendency to have constipation, but babies, children and adults of all ages can have occasional constipation sometimes related to what they are eating or their lack of phisical activity. For instance, our children are spending to much time in front of the computer.

Mith: Coffee can help in constipation
Fact: Caffeine can stimulate your digestive muscle but it is also a diuretic so you will go to the bathroom more often but for pee. So you will have a dry, hard stool to manage.

2 thoughts on “5 Miths and Facts about Chronic Constipation

  1. My question about digestive issues are that i only go for a numbr two every ten days even though im eating fiber every day and drinking upto three litres of water per day can you offer any advice please x

  2. It depends on what fiber you are eating. For instance, there are so many articles about how good are raspberries for constipation and I can tell you I had serious digestive problems with them.
    I would try prune juice and apples. It helped me and I hope it will help you too.


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