Advice: Do you suffer from constipation? Avoid pharmacy!


Each of us has suffered from constipation at some point, either a completely isolated episode or a chronic constipation lasting. But have you ever wondered what determines the formation of those queues in pharmacies which promote all prices increasingly smaller hypermarket drugs they own? Could be the ads? Or the convenience?

Well, you’re right, not everyone is going to the pharmacy. But what do we do when we read about what we should eat in order to resolve this discomfort? We do our “homework” but we are not so good friends, for example, with the famous cereals for breakfast, or with vegetables, such as beans, peas or lentils?! Or we don’t fit among those who consume eight glasses of liquids per day?! When it comes to children, the opposition and reluctance they show in changes of eating habits is quite familiar to almost every parent.

So let me bring to your attention the juices that help us get rid of intestinal transit problems in a pleasant way. The solution that gets us rid of constipation can also be delicious. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or a child, you are entitled to a completely non-invasive and rich in vitamins “treatment”. Here are a few simple natural tasty juices that may solve your problem:

  1. Orange juice – in addition to its antioxidants, the orange is a good laxative;
  2. Apple juice – you can find apples every day of the year. Therefore, drink a fresh apple juice when you feel that you have digestive problems;
  3. Pear juice – pears contain fiber, vitamin C, copper and vitamin K, eating a pear provides 15-20% of daily fiber our body needs;
  4. Lime juice in hot water – drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. Squeeze lime juice in a cup of hot water and you will get an excellent detoxifying for the body;
  5. Prune juice – prunes contain sorbitol, very good in providing bowel movement and with a strong laxative effect, so do not bypass them, you’ll get rid of constipation naturally;
  6. Juice of berries – the berry juice is a powerful antioxidant and contains soluble fiber, which will certainly contribute to a healthy digestion;
  7. Carrot juice – we’re talking about a cheap vegetable all year; You can make a cure that has great benefits for the body and combat constipation, just by consuming 1-2 drinks per day of carrot juice for a 2 weeks period.

Do not forget to combine these delicious mini-diet with mentaining your shape. And we talk about walking in the park, or climbing the stairs to your apartament, after work.

Therefore, we have at hand delicious fibers and easy to prepare juices that will ensure proper bowel movements and great functioning of the digestive system. If you have any doubts about this, just read the prospectus of the most harmless drug that you bought last time you walked into a pharmacy. You will see that for an ordinary headache, the pain killer that you choose has at least 3-4 adverse effects, sometimes far more serious than the initial problem. So, at least for those health problems, let’s avoid pharmacy and ensure colon proper functioning without drugs!

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