Blood in stool? When should I go to see my doctor?


That’s something I asked myself quite a few times. As I had severe constipation for seven years, you can imagine that I have experienced many situations like hemorrhoids, anal fissure or blood in stool which is one of the constipation in adults symptoms. I have tried many different constipation remedies. Some of them have worked, some haven’t. That’s the reason I am here. To share my personal experience because constipation can be solved, but also can be a real pain in your… 🙂

So after how many days of constipation should I go to see my doctor? When constipation becomes a real medical issue?

Basically, it’s not a matter of days. It depends on how ofter are you usually going to the bathroom. Remember you are the first doctor of your body. If you’re not having bowel movements as often as you used to, usually you don’t have to worry. For instance, I know I am going to the bathroom everyday but I just came back from holiday. I was in Egypt and obviously I tried a different food so I could have a slower  bowel movement for a few days. It’s not an issue. Have a guess… What’s on my desk right now beside my laptop? That’s right! A glass of pure fresh water. 🙂 Don’t forget about these home remedies for constipation I keep telling you.

blood-in-stoolAnother example… I am going to the bathroom and I am passing blood in stool or a small amount of blood on my toilet paper. Should I go to the doctor or not? The answer is definitely “yes”. I had blood in poo because of a anal fissure I had to treat. There are several other possible causes of blood in stool including hemorrhoids, diverticular disease, colitis or inflammation of the colon and colorectal cancer or so called bowel cancer, the one that nobody likes to talk about. Usually it is not something serious but I would take a very cautious view and I believe that it is better to be safe than sorry. So never ignore blood in stool. After how many days of constipation should I go to see my doctor? In this situation – right away.

Do a check-up with your doctor just to make sure a medical condition isn’t causing the problem.

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