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5 Miths and Facts about Chronic Constipation

As the internet is full of news about chronic constipation or bowel movement, let’s see what’s real and what are simple miths about digestion.

Mith: You should have a bowel movement every day

Blood in stool? When should I go to see my doctor?

That’s something I asked myself quite a few times. As I had severe constipation for seven years, you can imagine that I have experienced many situations like hemorrhoids, anal fissure or blood in stool which is one of the constipation in adults symptoms. I have tried many different constipation remedies. Some of them have worked, some haven’t. That’s the reason I am here. To share my personal experience because constipation can be solved, but also can be a real pain in your… 🙂

What are your medications with constipation as side effect?

Did you know that there are more than 150 medications with constipation as side effect? That’s why you better always speak to the doctor about any prescriptions or treatments you are taking that can cause occasional constipation.