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Constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Many moms to be have to deal with constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy. The main concern is not hurting the baby. But what causes constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy and what to do when your bowels can’t move on. I am sure you have questions like Is it safe to take stool softeners to treat pregnancy constipation or What tips can I try to ease constipation?

What is your source of constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy and what to do?

Use prune juice for constipation as a natural remedy

The simple answer is – drink a glass of prune juice for constipation, followed by a glass of water. If you are doing this in the evening, the next morning you should feel the need of going to the bathroom for poo and get rid of bowel movements that are hard, dry or painful. The prunes contain fibers so including prunes or prune juice in your diet and don’t forget about a glass of water after because dehydration can contribute to constipation as well. Isn’t it simple?