Constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy


Many moms to be have to deal with constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy. The main concern is not hurting the baby. But what causes constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy and what to do when your bowels can’t move on. I am sure you have questions like Is it safe to take stool softeners to treat pregnancy constipation or What tips can I try to ease constipation?

What is your source of constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy and what to do?

Prenatal vitamins

I had no idea that the extra iron I was getting from my prenatal vitamins was the source for my pregnancy constipation.
What I did was to increase the fibers with salads and fruits (apples, prunes, pears, berries, kiwi, orange). This way you will also have a fresh full of vitamins lunch excellent for your baby’s health. If you choose prunes for instance, be prepared to stay near a toilet. 🙂

Lack of physical activity

If this is your first pregnancy, you will be very careful not to stress your baby. But some regular physical activity during pregnancy won’t hurt you at all. In fact, moderate physical exercises during pregnancy should not harm you or your baby. You can do housework, gardening, swimming or simply walk in a park. They can have a number of benefits. Getting rid of constipation is one of them as they are helping the intestines work by stimulating your bowels.

Home remedies for hemorrhoids

First of all I want to stress the importance of the fact that blood in the stool or rectal bleeding is never normal. So if you have seen blood on your toilet paper you should consider going to your doctor to make sure there is no other serious concern like diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcers or tumors.
But what if you are pregnant and you are having painful hemorrhoids? What to do when you have constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy?
Prevention is perhaps the most effective treatment. But since you are reading this you probably already have some hemorrhoids problems. What I did was to have a local 100% natural and organic hemorrhoid balm and within 4 days it cleared up my hemorrhoids completely.

My advice for you is to use only natural balm calms, that repairs and accelerates healing of inflamed or damaged tissue. In the same time this cream acts as a natural anesthetic to make bowel movements less painful which is great as we both know how painful hemorrhoids can be.

Don’t hesitate and go to shops with organic products, especially if you’re pregnant, as their creams use only pure, natural and wild-crafted botanical ingredients like Coconut, Shea Nut Butter, Jojoba, Calendula, Cypress, Cocoa, Peppermint, Geranium and Organic Beeswax.

Unlike other regular hemorrhoid solutions, natural products won’t affect your baby as they contain no petrochemicals, no parabens, no steroids, no glycerin, no lanolin, no artificial preservatives, no added fragrances, no alcohol, and they are not tested on animals.

I think it’s really worth giving it a try.

So don’t be afraid of constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy. There is a solution for almost everything. 🙂

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