Constipation in children – what is abnormal?


Usually constipation is not a serious problem for children and it’s quote common. When no particular disease or illness is the cause of the constipation, then it is just an episode caused probably by the last dinner. But lets see what is abnormal? When should a parent be concerned?

There is great variation in a child’s bowel habit. That’s why constipation in toddlers is the pain felt while moving the bowels. This pain is caused by stools that are either too large or too hard to pass out with no effort. So probably every parent will be concern about this pain. Once the problem is solved, the pain is forgotten. But what if you think is just an episode of constipation and the pain is comming back the next day. What is abnormal?
Constipation in children is due to food, lack of liquids or some lach of phisical exercises. There are so many kids addicted to tv cartoons, computer games, mobile games, so they completely forget about running in the park or playing some simple games into the backyard. The body needs exercise to keep the digestive system working efficiently. And there is something more – some children tend to avoid going to the bathroom, even when they really have the urge to go.

But if you suspect there is something else going on with your kid, you need to know that there are some other signs that may worry you as a parent:

  • Being sick (vomiting);
  • Weight loss with no particular reason;
  • A swollen, stretched tummy;
  • Anal fissures;
  • Urinary symptoms – such as passing very dark or painful urine, if your child begins to cry regularly while passing urine – it could be also an urinary tract infection, as the urinary tract infections are the second most common bacterial infection in children;
  • Very pale-coloured stools (especially if the urine is very dark too).

So there are many other symptoms that needs attention. Almost all are treatable, but it’s important to catch them early.
And remember, the information on this site should not be used as an alternative to professional care. If you have a particular problem, don’t hesitate and see a doctor.

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