How to relieve constipation

When is someone considered constipated?

Just because you don’t have an every day bowel movement doesn’t mean you are constipated. A person is considered constipated when he or she has had fewer than two bowel movements in a week. So if you haven’t been to the bathroom today is not an issue. But if this is the fifth day – well, you already know the answer. 😉 So the question is how to relieve constipation fast.

Top 5 home remedies for constipation

Let’s see what are the easiest home remedies for constipation that you can try at home:

  1. Drink a glass of warm water every morning before breakfast – this is like taking a shower but inside. I know that everyone says that you have to drink two to four extra glasses of water a day, but believe me, try the warm water in the morning on an empty stomach. It’s a miracle when we are talking about home remedies for constipation.
  2. Don’t forget about fruits and vegetablesgreen apples, prunes and also whole grains can keep your stool from getting hard and dry which is the most important for your digestive health. Fibers help stool stay soft so they move smoothly through the colon.
  3. If you need to go to the bathroom – just go as this can cause constipation as well.
  4. Get some regular exercises – this worked for me like a charm. If you are like me spending hours in front of the computer then you have a lack of physical activity. That definitely won’t help you at all in quick constipation relief. So don’t be afraid to start doing some exercises.
  5. Everyone hates laxatives, but you know what? If you haven’t been to the bathroom for three or four days you really have to do something to clean your body inside and to get rid of toxins. How to relieve constipation? Use the most effective natural laxative.

How to relieve constipation with the most effective natural laxatives:

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Swiss Kriss Herbal Laxative Tablets, 250 Count Herbs and flowers$4.3
Nature's Secret Super Cleanse Herbal Supplement Tablets, 200-Count Bottles (Pack of 2) 13 Cleansing Herbs & Fibers$$$4.3
Metamucil Apple Crisp Fiber Wafers 12 Count, 9.3 Oz Box (Pack of 3) Personal Healthcare / Health Care Fibre wafers$4.1

Advantages of Using a Laxative:

  • They are highly effective and help you to a quick relief from constipation – It really depends on how your body reacts but usually it takes a few hours to take effect and to relieve constipation.
  • Eliminate even the natural food toxins which is the most important as these are staying in your body longer than they should if you are constipated. For instance, sugar or cereal grain.
  • You can purchase and use them without a doctor’s prescription

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