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Why Is My Toddler Suddenly Constipated?

The first sign of constipation in toddlers is pain while moving the bowels. This pain is caused by stools that are either too large or too hard to pass out effortlessly. Hard stools don‘t have to be large to cause pain.

After experiencing pain, children commonly suppress and withhold stools, which is usually self-evident from observing their behavior. In turn, withheld stools dry out and harden up, making the next bowel movement even more painful. All other causes of a toddler‘s constipation are derivative from the moment of experiencing that first pain.

5 simple secrets for a much better digestion – yoga will help bloating and constipation

Yoga for constipation

Reduce bloating, gas, and constipation with simple yoga moves or some excellent massage techniques and breathing exercises for a natural constipation remedy. I have already tried them and I can assure you that you will feel much better. That’s the simple reason I am sharing with you these helpful resources. Just give it a try and you will see the result in your digestive system improvement!

1. Nadya is doing a great job with her easy to follow and clear video on how to relieve constipation.

Advice: Do you suffer from constipation? Avoid pharmacy!

Each of us has suffered from constipation at some point, either a completely isolated episode or a chronic constipation lasting. But have you ever wondered what determines the formation of those queues in pharmacies which promote all prices increasingly smaller hypermarket drugs they own? Could be the ads? Or the convenience?

Does yogurt help relieve constipation?

Staying hydrated, eating enough fiber and being active every day can help improve the regularity of your bowel movements, but sometimes the foods you eat every day, such as yogurt, could be causing your constipation. What I would do to make sure my favourite yogurt isn’t my “enemy” is to have a two weeks break. This time you will see if there are any improvements in your bowel movements.

Toddler constipation? What natural laxative is right for your child?

I am a mum of two toddlers – Alex is 3 years old and David 2 years old. This week I received three emails asking about toddler constipation. So I decided to write a little about what I used when I had to deal with my children constipation. First if you have to get rid of you toddler constipation right away, I would suggest one of these natural constipation remedies for children. They worked for me. I used gentle laxatives, so try the most natural like I do.